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Bloons Td 6 Mobile

Bloons Td 6 Mobile is available on Android and iOS. Do not wait, choose your software and play Bloons Td 6 Mobile apk on your phone!

Bloons TD 6 Mobile is the most recent installment of the Bloons Tower Defense franchise. New bloon styles (specifically the Purple Bloon, the Fortified property, and the Big Airship of Doom), Heroes, 5th tier updates, a third progression route for each monkey, and a Trophy Store were all introduced in the title. It was first released for Android and iOS on June 13th, 2018.

About Bloons Td 6 Mobile

Bloons TD 6 Mobile follows the same formula as previous titles, with monkeys popping Bloons. Purple Bloons, an all-new MOAB-Class Bloon (the B.A.D. ), new hero towers, 5th tier updates, and a third upgrade course for each monkey are among the many new game features in Bloons TD 6. D.D.Ts, who first appeared in Bloons Monkey City, return as well. Purple Bloons, which are resistant to heat, plasma, and energy missiles, and Fortified Bloons, which are tougher versions of their usual counterparts. Are among the new Bloons (the Fortified property will double the health of all bloons it is applied to except for leads, which quadruples its health).

Each game is played in rounds. If the player advances through the rounds, more Bloon forms are included, and the difficulty increases. Until beginning a game, players must pick a mode (Easy, Medium, or Hard) as well as a sub-mode. Bloons TD 6 mobile’s variety of modes allows players to play the same map in a variety of ways. Making the game more varied than previous Bloons TD installments. Players can receive a certain amount of Monkey Money after completing a game, depending on the difficulty of the map chosen and the mode selected. The sum of Monkey Money awarded after a map’s first completion on a difficulty is greatly decreased.

Bloons Td 6 Mobile Gameplay

MOAB-Class bloons including the MOAB, BFB, ZOMG, and DDT, as well as the latest BAD bloon, return in BTD6 mobile. These bloons only surface in rounds 40 and up, but they’re all very healthy. MOABs need 200 hits to pop, BFBs 700 hits to pop, ZOMGs 4,000 hits to pop, DDTs 400 hits to pop, and BADs 20,000 hits to pop, with all of them receiving more health after round 80. Players can get a “Insta-Monkey” after defeating round 100. Which has a chance of already getting enhancements that can be put for free in any mode except C.H.I.M.P.S. and challenges without powers.

When you first start playing the game, the Army Monkey gives you a lesson on how to play. He announces the game’s goal at the Town Center track: “Stop the Bloons from getting in!” After that, the player must put a 0-0-0 Dart Monkey in the allocated circle. The first round will be played after a second 0-0-0 Dart Monkey is placed in another section of the track. The Army Monkey then shows you how to use the Play button to start the next round.

He pointed out that popping Bloons wins the monkeys experience after beating the second round: “Popping Bloons earns the Monkeys experience!” He then tells the player to press the Dart Monkey button to gain access to an update. After he informs the player that “each Monkey type has 5 upgrades in three paths,” the player is free to unlock one of the Dart Monkey’s Tier 1 upgrades.

The Army Monkey informs the player that after unlocking an update, he must add it to the Dart Monkeys in the game in order for them to use it.


Bloons Td 6 Mobile Tower Defense 6 has a roster of 21 monkeys (2 new monkeys and 19 returning from previous BTD games) and 12 heroes to assist in the bloon popping. Main, Military, Magic, and Support are the four types of monkeys. The monkeys vary in power from basic Dart Monkeys to the all-powerful Super Monkey, each with its own set of skills, powers, and weaknesses. Monkey XP is still there, but it works a little better this time. Players can save Monkey XP in any order to unlock improvements. But the amount of monkey XP needed increases as they progress down the upgrade route.

Since each monkey has its own collection of XP, they can’t use Dart Monkey XP to purchase Bomb Shooter updates, for example. Boomerang Monkey (from Boomerang Thrower). Wizard Monkey (from Monkey Apprentice), Bomb Shooter (from Bomb Tower), Ice Monkey (from Ice Tower), Mortar Monkey (from Mortar Tower). Dartling Gunner (from Dartling Gun), and Engineer Monkey are among the towers renamed from BTD5 (from Monkey Engineer).

An monkey has a total of 15 upgrades, which are divided into three paths of five upgrades each. A player can choose from two paths: one that leads to tier 5 and another that leads to tier 2. If one route is upgraded before another, the third path would be blocked.


Bloons Td 6 Mobile has 55 maps at the moment. There are 17 maps for beginners, 14 for intermediates, 12 for advanceds, 9 for experts, and one other map. The reward for completing a map is decided by the map’s preset complexity as well as the game difficulty selected. After the first completion, the payout is significantly reduced. (For example, an Expert Map played on Hard would yield more money than an Intermediate Map played on Easy.)


  • A grassy map called Monkey Meadow. Monkey Lane from BTD5 comes to mind. This map is the easiest in the game since it has no objects that hinder visibility and no water. Despite the fact that the pumpkins at the top left and top right of the map are stable structures, monkeys can now be mounted on them in the 5.0 update.
  • Tree Stump is a map that revolves around a tree stump. Bloons make a loop around the stump before exiting in a larger circle. Towers on the stub will be obscured by the tree stump, but towers on the stump will be unrestricted. Park Path from BTD5 is similar. The mushrooms can be tapped to make them shimmer and wiggle, and the axe in the log can be tapped to make it wiggle.
  • Centre: A grassy map with the atmosphere of the Bloons Monkey City. Water lines up the top left of the map but is always too thin and not too close to the path to use without the use of the update for the Monkey Sub with Advanced Intel. An alternative choice is to use merchants to make money irrespective of vision. Crates are located on the right side of the house and can be used by towers until updating 2.0.0. The hearing barriers are the houses and the windmill. This is the map shown in the game’s tutorial.

Game Modes

There are 17 different BTD6 Mobile game modes, all available by map in different difficulty categories: Easy, Medium and Hard. The previous mode of a game has to start with the respective standard mode of a particular map to unlock a particular game mode. Default for all maps is the standard mode for all levels of difficulty. By the 19.0 update, the player can win the accompanying medal by beating a submode (other than standard mode) in the Odyssey and opening the next submode, unblocked if any, in the course.

In version 11.0, Co-Op Mode was initially launched in BTD6. It’s a 2-4 player game you you co-op with. In contrast to BTD5, there are many maps on which all players share space, particularly on maps on which placeable land is insufficient when split. As in BTD5, players can share profits and income with one another.

Custom Challenges

In Bloons Td 6 Mobile, the Challenge Editor is used to address different problems. In the Task Editor you can define the map, difficulty, money start, lives, rounds and other special parameters to increase the sophistication of the challenge in general. For example, standard bloons and MOAB classes may be increased or diminished with regard to health and distance. Certain towers and/or enhancements can be restricted, towers of certain sizes may also be limited, and certain CHIMPS laws may also be applied, e.g. Continues, Hearts Lost, Monkey Knowledge, Powers, Sales but not Income. The player can also make all standard bloons regrowth and/or camo.

Once the challenge code is complete without power use, players can post their challenge code. Players can also give Ninja Kiwi their task after they have completed the challenge and their established problem ranking (Easy, Medium, Hard, Friday Stinger).

A challenge browser with potential to love and preferred challenges has been added to version 22.0. As a new slider option, Regrow Rate was also introduced.

Bloons Td 6 Mobile History

PRLog for the iTunes app store, Google Play Store and Amazon App Store was published by Bloons Tower Defense 7 on March 28, 2017 and launched on June 13, 2018. At Ninja Kiwi, what’s up? – October 27, 2017 The game centers around monkey towers, as its predecessors did. However, in contrast to previous titles, Bloons Tower Defense 6 uses 3D graphics to improve gaming vision. This game uses a new function named the Sight Line, which allows a number of barriers to obstruct monkey’s viewing line. Which increases the importance of the tower positioning.

How to Download & Play Bloons Td 6 Mobile on Android APK & iOS

  • Download the game files from
  • Install it in your required phones (Android/iOS).
  • Launch the game, Complete the Verification process by running apps/games for 30-40 seconds.
  • Re-Launch Bloons Td 6 Mobile.
Bloons Td 6 Mobile
Bloons Td 6 Mobile


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