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Lust From Beyond Mobile

Lust From Beyond Mobile is an oculted and sexual psychological horror. A vision of the ominous world full of milk and anguish is plagued by Victor Holloway, an antiquarian. He joins the Cult of Ecstasy to discover their secrets, whose members seem to know the solutions to its troubling problems.

Victor discovers the life of cults from within, he is lost in his blasphemous and sexual habits. This world’s pleasures will soon not suffice. The cults are trying to access Lusst’ghaa – the country of ecstasy beyond the limits of our reality, following the visions of Victor.

About Lust From Beyond Mobile

In our present day, the events take occur. At the beginning, you can get the impression of a facehugger named Vorh’n in a hell or very uncomfortable parallel universe named Lusstg’haa, and transport her to a nice house — an estate that is obviously not there anywhere, far from prying eyes. Lust From Beyond Mobile You play as a Sabinian, standing up in a cultivation. Apparently the “Facehugger” is needed to locate a seer or a person able to travel between the realms in order to perform a ritual. The major purpose is to call on the Lusstg’haa God King and to open his doors to Ecstasy. The Eternal Delight.

Thank you to developers for a wonderful heaven for the art historian, Rubens, Lady Watkin Williams-Wynn, Botticelli, Bosch and even a painting of Moloch right there in this home. Right there. Brief History—Moloch, alias Baal, is a god named in the Bible, who is adorated by the sacrifices of infants.

Unfortunately, the game doesn’t shine via distinctive and exciting turns. How have I commented on this? Well, I could only think about the finale through the entire game, which was really rather fantastic. I can assure you that Lust From Beyond Mobile might appear generic for you if you played many fantastic horror games. We’ve already seen such a mixture of an Elect One, an evil cult governing a city, rebel cults, ritual, another universe. It was an interesting idea, but the plot is trivial. But this scenario could be handled. Through a humorous spoof, for example.


The gameplay is particularly specialized, given that the game itself is “sensitive.” Everyone attempts to exploit sex as its greatest vulnerability is the primary hero. They employ physical strength when it doesn’t work. Our Victor is a “Chosen One,” therefore anything else pursues him (or his seed?). A true base of fans, huh? Victor is flying all across the city – in a hotel, on the streets, simply everywhere. Women and men alike. I can sense the scorching pheromones.

Lovecraftian games always focus on the storyline or the riddles. Or both. Or both. We have an issue here which cannot be avoided, regrettably. The searches are confined to the search for and placement of specified things. I spent a huge amount of time in one place searching 11 clowns. It’s not upgrading your reasoning, fast thinking or anything. Just patience testing. These products, however, are frequently quite well designed but do not remove how they seem like a complete jigsaw.

All is one and the same in the Lust From Beyond Mobile. You have to set spheres, like Moons of Madness, in order to work up. There are health rehabilitation platforms. Only if you’re entirely nude can you get away from foes! The enemy are very stupid for better or worse. You can be next to them right away and they won’t even look at you. Just hiss and that’s all. That’s it. However, they will murder you in no time, if they catch up with you. But you’ll be given a knife halfway near the middle of the game. The prize for every effort.


The aesthetic appearance of the pulsing surface, strange vegetation and bone-sowed tunnels is very much comparable to Agony or Scorn. They are accomplished in detail. They are carried out carefully. You only want to look at all the centimeters of the city or Lusstg’haa and fight the impulse to touch all. Developers have taken use of the Unity engine.

The Lust From Beyond Mobile reminds me of one hell circle in Dante—a complete piece of flesh. One of those occurrences took place at a hotel, which had much like Twin Peaks or The Shining decorating. Some Soviet Union feelings are even there. Well, the easter eggs and the size of culture examined by the creators were appreciated.

But unfortunately, there is no desired wow impact in the realm of sensual pleasures. Nothing except ruins, mucous, dark vagina and dead sculptures containing the many stances of Kamasutra. Certainly, this isn’t a heated marathon world that should at the same time struck and scared you. The walking succubes are limp and worn out, as though they are laboring without rest day and night. The environment is deceptive; you see a lack of perversity instead of a cosmic terror. In Agony, while unpleasant, you just want to die in boredom in the Lust from beyond.


Lust from beyond Mobile does not make many strikes in the creation of a superb game of horror. Though the thoughts were there, the performance was mediocre. The game does not offer a proper terror experience, however graphically astonishing with a few fascinating tale components which would be simpler to absorb if it did not drag on and on. When you can fight back, there is no threat. The third or fourth orgy you saw is nothing horrific. And from a bad script there’s no immersion. Add on to this a number of boring problems in a fetching quest to complete and opponent AI’s nearly fun.

How to Download & Play Lust From Beyond Mobile on Android APK & iOS

  • Download the game files from
  • Install it in your required phones (Android/iOS).
  • Launch the game, Complete the Verification process by running apps/games for 30-40 seconds.
  • Re-Launch Lust From Beyond Mobile.
Lust From Beyond Mobile
Lust From Beyond Mobile


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