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Minecraft Story Mode Mobile

Minecraft: Story Mode Mobile is avaiable on Android & iOS. Do not wait, choose your software and Play Minecraft: Story Mode Mobile APK on your Android & iOS!

About Minecraft: Story Mode Mobile

Minecraft: Story Mode Mobile is an adventure game which tells a unique story inside Minecraft’s ever-expanding universe. Minecraft: Story Mode is a lighthearted experience that utilizes the voice skills of the best comedians in a story that brings you from the overworld to the Nether and anywhere in between. While developer Telltale Games is known for its horror and grim titles like The living dead and A Wolf Among Us..

This game is inspired by Minecraft, but rather than creating shelters. Castles and monuments to pay tribute to cartoon characters, players naturally would assume that something will be generated in a game. The decisions in that game shift the course and encourage players to grow their own adventure over the entire seasone of the story fashion episodes.

Minecraft: Story Mode is an agreeable, family-friendly game, which won me over very rapidly and kept me invested. The drama may not have been as improved as anything like The Walking Dead. But I was always surprised to have spent myself in selecting my companions, undeveloped and laughing in the Minecrafty jokes. Sparse interactivity and a lack of dedication to explain Episode 1. But I still am immersed in my story and want to find out what is next, this universe and its people.


Minecraft: Story mode Mobile is a much more family-oriented experience than anything in Telltale’s recent past, where the authors set up the universe at risk in many goofy instants. Story Mode sounds like the pastiche of a lovely 80’s movie: the children’s adventure of The Goonies; the self-discovery of Stand by Me The Breakfast Club’s sense of the universe. Even in the opening episode, “The Order of the Stone” is a dollop of Lord of The Rings. Average citizens get swept up in cataclysmic incidents and at the end there is an esche series of “Breaking of the Fellowship”.

This is a good decision that Minecraft opened: Story Mode for me as a fan of Minecraft. Story Mode is child-friendly but not stupid and deals with problems such as bullying, past cover-ups and becoming older.

Minecraft: Story Mode Mobile, does not go far away from Telltale’s well-established formulation. Which keeps the two things going (storytelling) and sometimes not working (combat). But something significant is done. I was suspicious of Telltale’s potential to tell a story in the world of Minecraft that would be important to people who hadn’t already been fans of the series.

Minecraft: Story Mode does not go far away from Telltale’s well-established formulation. Which keeps the two things going (storytelling) and sometimes not working (combat). But something significant is done. I was suspicious of Telltale’s potential to tell a story in the world of Minecraft that would be important to people who hadn’t already been fans of the series.

You Should Know It

Minecraft Story Mode Mobile is a special game in the world of Minecraft. You join a body of characters who must become heroes as a deadly enemy plunges their world into chaos. Jesse, a male or woman character of the party, is selected by players. It’s like watching a film and a little bit like playing an adventural game to enjoy Minecraft Story Mode. When each scene plays, the party that forms the outcomes of the game is asked to make decisions.

The decisions are timed, and based on what you select, the effect of the scene varies. The familiar surrounding, characters and actions like digging, and combat against mobs are easily recognised by players who know Minecraft. For players who are not familiar with the world characters in Minecraft, acts such as forging a weapon instantly urge you, making it simple for even players without a familiarity with Minecraft.

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Other servers are out there as well. The Minecraft Skyblock Server ties you, for example, with your character on an island in the sky. This forces you to be more vigilant while your finances are being handled. Go to see how you get there. Give it a go.

Re-assume the role of Jesse in an all-new adventure

Minecraft: Story Mode Mobile Season 2 has five chapters, four of which have been released at the time of this review. You can easily re-create your option from Minecraft’s first season: Story Mode by choosing a few easy choices when you start the game. Though some viewers would find these options to mean nothing if you didn’t play during the first season.

But you can’t really experience Minecraft: Story Mode Season 2 if you didn’t play during the first season. This is not to suggest. The plot starts with a recap of the key episodes of the first season, Wither Storm and leads to crucial moments in previous chapters.

While several characters reappear, the game features new characters and adventures somewhat distinct from those of the first season. But you are again playing Jesse, the unpretentious hero who saved the world. You can also pick the look of Jessie and the gender, as in the first season.

I will talk about a few core things that are important to the plot this season, though I’m not going over the game in too much depth. A few years have elapsed since the Wither Storm was defeated by Jesse and the gang, and the living has been a little more difficult. Beacontown Mayor/Leader Jesse is embarking on a brand new path full of difficult calls, fun times and a mystery glove.

Craft your own Minecraft story Mode Mobile with changes to gameplay

Minecraft: Story Mode Mobile Season 2 evolves into a single episode structure, much like Telltale Games other franchises. During the script, you have to take several crucial decisions that can drive the story in many directions. Choices may also be as easy as choosing a hidden handshake with your mates or results, such as how to save in circumstances of life or death.

Telltale made some gameplay improvements, particularly in the fighting. Fighting was really basic in the first season and you wave your pistol at the appropriate time. You’ve got an endurance bar this time around that depletes you running and attacking. But you must do away with left or right rolling attacks. It is important that you pay attention to your endurance, because after battles you will need some time to heal.


Minecraft Story Mode Mobile is only a single player title, but we’ve been playing in the format of ‘crowd action.’ In our situation, one of the party, my eight-year old one. Used the controller to vote on the decision, and the rest of us yelled out the choice. The episode took us 1 1/2 hours to play and held us all around our chairs, yelling our range of acts easily. Crowd Play was a fun way to experience the game together with our whole party. And was great for the kids who always begged us to play with Minecraft. What we believed was a child-centered event, that actually became a fun morning for the whole family!

We look forward to the arrival of the first episode, so that we can play with friends and family at home again. Crowd Play makes it a good team game, Telltale Games makes it an outstanding game for hardcore enthusiasts and those oblivious of the Minecraft Phenomena. Crowd Play is a perfect party.

How to Download & Play Minecraft: Story Mode Mobile on Android APK & iOS

  • Download the game files from Apkrey.com
  • Install it in your required phones (Android/iOS).
  • Launch the game, Complete the Verification process by running apps/games for 30-40 seconds.
  • Re-Launch Minecraft: Story Mode Mobile.
Minecraft: Story Mode Mobile
Minecraft: Story Mode Mobile


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