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specimen zero ios

The Specimen Zero for iOS is yet to be out. However, you can use our simple guide to download and install Specimen Zero on your iOS device now!

About Specimen Zero iOS

Although this Specimen Zero iOS is not available on iOS devices officially, it is a workaround. The methods we will show you will work with any iOS device so that you will not have to play Android on the game. To date, millions of playingers love this horror multiplayer game that lets you escape from a building filled with terrible experiments. In this case, you can utilize all you can afford as arms, batteries, lights, CCTV and more. Even with your pals you can play the game!

The world of games nowadays is full with numerous kinds of games. Today, we play these games with ourselves or with friends and random individuals, as we may. One of the most popular types currently is horror, and with these games we may accomplish a lot of things. Horror games are becoming the most popular form of game to escape and discover a means to leave a house. These games mix many aspects such as riddles, gunfire and horror.

Specimen Zero Mod APK is one of the most popular games like this and it is a unique Café Studio game. This game allows you to explore several buildings that today are full of crazy things. These structures appear to be hospitals full of laboratories and horrific chambers full of unidentified items. You may collect a lot of materials, for example, batteries, lamps, weapons, cameras and many more. You may can go any way to find the exit to this bustling building!

More About the Game

There are plenty of mysteries to be found and a lot of scary items to be eliminated! But the good news is that today you may play with pals to discuss and develop strategy. You will love the very realistic graphics and sound effects that create a fantastic experience in this game. You can do nothing more, but today you will survive, so you will not be devoured!

Specimen Zero ios is a terribly fantastic game that keeps you on your seat’s edge! But this game is only accessible on Android, as you know. But fortunately, a solution has been identified that you may immediately follow.

The Café Studio Specimen Zero iOS game is initially intended for Android smartphones. The narrative is amazing, but colorful! In this game the player explores several chambers with odd monsters in an effort to find the path to survive. The horrific atmosphere of the game can’t be overlooked. There are also a number of secrets and things waiting to be found to aid the character unharmed.

Movement should be quick, quick and quiet throughout gaming! If you don’t observe quiet, the monsters will awaken and you won’t enjoy the consequences! Players enjoy incredibly realistic 3D visuals and music effects which provide a stunning experience in this game. You only have nasty and huge beasts to survive or be devoured.

Specimen Zero – Multiplayer horror

Specimen is a color perception addicting and simple design game. Easy to learn, hard to master, simply tap the background color of the specimen. As you go, acquire patterned boosters and chroma coins to fight a quicker and faster time.

Are you a color genius, play to find out? What are you seeing in color?

The last thing you remember is being abducted, you wake up in an unfamiliar area.

But in that weird location something happened, something out of the usual… something terrible. You have to find out how to get away. You’re going to find only death here.

  • Explore a large dark area: secret structures; a horror hospital; strange laboratories.
  • Solve puzzles, find, acquire and utilize things to escape the terror and frightful monster.
  • Don’t create loud noise and take care that the monster may see you or listen to you! It kills anyone in its way!
  • If you enjoy frightening adventure escape – Zero – Horror

How To Play Specimen Zero?

There is no tough and fast rule to play any game; the concepts underlying the game have to be explored, and so the same notion follows in this game. At the conclusion of the game, you must save yourself.

You must collect stuff here as a survival game to save you from the creatures. In this game there are horrific creatures who torment you. You can therefore get a notion of how this game may be played and how to enjoy it. We think that this notion will make you clear how to play the Specimen Zero iOS.

How To Win Specimen Zero?

Gameplay begins in an unknown location where the player wakes up and is abducted. You have to avoid and survive your opponents till you escape.

  • Explore the dark areas, including horror hospitals, secret buildings, creepy rooms and mysterious labs.
  • Solve the puzzles that come your way
  • Collect the stuff and use them to explore new areas and places to escape from the scary monster and horror places
  • Ensure to walk slowly without making noise and be careful of the monsters as they can kill you if they notice you walking around the creepy places
  • If you are playing in multiplayer mode, ensure to escape with your friends

Final Verdict

You’d have met it in this post if you were a horror fan, you wanted to play it, and you didn’t know the features of horror games. People throughout the world, nevertheless, wanted to know more about the Specimen Zero game, and that would be enough. We hope that after reading this post the solution to How To Play Specimen Zero iOS is quite apparent.

How to download & Play Specimen Zero iOS Mobile

  • Download the game files from Apkrey.com
  • Install it in your required phones (Android/iOS).
  • Launch the game, Complete the Verification process by running apps/games for 30-40 seconds.
  • Re-Launch Specimen Zero iOS.
Specimen Zero iOS
Specimen Zero iOS


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