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Ben 10: Power Trip Mobile

Ben 10: Power Trip Mobile is avaiable on Android & iOS. Do not wait, choose your software and Play Ben 10: Power Trip Mobile APK on your Android & iOS!

About Ben 10: Power Trip Mobile

Ben 10: Power trip Mobile takes place in Ben Tennyson ‘s animated universe, using his confident Omnitrix to become assorted alien beings and to save the earth. The game is a unique tale in which Ben has to reveal the reality behind four enigmatic crystals threatening his planet. Players will transform into strong aliens and work together in this cooperative adventure against fearful enemies. Ben and his family enjoy their holidays in Europe … before evil wizard Hex releases four strange crystals into power! Only Ben 10 will lift the curse.

While training to become strong aliens to combat enemies, solve puzzles and discover an amazing 3D universe openly. This is hero moment! Hero time! All of the humor and competition from the Cartoon Network show are here on your side with Gwen and Grandpa Max. Kevin Levin is ready for the local divide-screen cooperative, as four arms are stronger than two. This is a power path you will follow over and over again.

More About The Game

Ben 10: Power Trip Mobile is an adventure game in the Ben 10 series universe. The game invites Ben to help fight a wicked wizard called Hex. Ben’s power to turn into aliens has been stripped away.

You will visit wide open areas and complete missions in Ben 10: Power Trip Mobile to advance the plot. You can re-establish Ben’s abilities as you travel, so that he can become aliens like Diamondhead, Four Arms and Heatblast. These aliens have unique skills that you would need to carry out missions or just navigate the environment in the game.

The universe of games is packed with a number of Ben’s enemies for defeat by means of light and serious assaults. As you advance through the game, you can release updates for Ben that boost its skill, strength and luck.

When the game is free to explore, a waypoint marker will appear on the screen as soon as you pick the job you want to do. You can also split off the key quests of the game in order to carry out side-work and other events, or look for a number of objects in each region.

Finally the game supports a cooperative two-player multiplayer while you are able to play Ben 10: Power Trip on your own. When a second player enters, Kevin Levin, who can also transform, is in charge.


Ben Tennison and his family are all on their way for a happy European holiday – when wicked Hex awakens four strange crystals and calls monstrous people from the Vacuum. Now you have to help Ben stop the Hex-extreme-famous plans of the master magician!
Stick to the Omnitrix and become the amazing aliens of Ben 10: Power Trip Mobile, as you experience and battle in a 3D universe full of life. Take some of Ben’s toughest rivals in exciting struggle. Solve interesting puzzles, use your talents to help people meet you, and accumulate energy to update your aliens. Explore Europe’s towns, trees and mountains on the road to the ultimate battle with villain Hex.

Gameplay is a global adventure game with heavy platforming elements. In exploring this countryside, different NPCs will have searches and challenges, which Ben is the only one who can overcome, completing them with money and improving his fighting ability. This queries are typically conceived around clichés RPG tropes, with generally fetching searches and extermination missions.

Case by case , two quests within a couple of minutes of the first hour of our game took Ben to locate the lost cat. Other kinds involved using the heatblast, to clear a few mildly painful snowdrifts in a snowy town. Recover several bundles of firewood for the Grandpa Max, and reach an conveniently accessible window in the main hotel room.

Ben 10 Power Trip: How to Quickly Collect Coins

Ben 10: Power Trip Mobile invites players to navigate a vast open universe to combat an evil wizard called Hex.

You can earn coins by beating opponents, perform missions and simply explore the world as you work your way through the level. You can invest these coins on items in the game. Such as updates to boost Ben’s stats and treasure maps, where collectibles are located.

Since there are tons of things you can spend, you can’t wait to find out why there are so many coins that you can win without just playing the game as usual.

Chop Hollow ride. Chop Hollow trip. This position is found at the top-right of the game map. In the story of the game, when you are asked to do some work on local wood jackets, you’ll visit this spot for the first time.

A wooden jacket stands beside a huge wooden hopper in the middle of the wide open work room. Turn into 4 weapons on the way up to the top of the wood pile next to the wood chipper.

Click now the corresponding button to pick up a huge rock (it is “ZR” on Switch). Face the wood chipper to twist the wood chipper and click the lever again. And if the rock is not wood, the wood chipper stretches five coins to earn!

This method can be easily replicated, gathered and thrown into the wood chipper with an infinite amount of rocks, which trigger five coines per time. Only hop off of the wood pile and sprint over to the coins until you are about to catch it.


A release like Ben 10: Power Trip Mobile is difficult to score! , since it is part of a special genre of games known for being partially baked and sold exclusively for youth. Ben 10: Power Trip for tie-in games! It’s fairly dignified. The diversity of characters allows for a nicely diverse style of control, while the open world nature encourages a strong play loop based in search of quests.

Ben 10: Power Ride! That said! It also has some conspicuous faults, which sink its profile, including shallow gameplay and bad results. Ben 10: Power Trip if your child is a fan of the show! Has ample redemptive virtues, however we will encourage anyone else to take a pass.

How to Download Ben 10: Power Trip For Android & iOS

  • Download the game files from
  • Install it in your required phones (Android/iOS).
  • Launch the game, Complete the Verification process by running apps/games for 30-40 seconds.
  • Re-Launch Ben 10: Power Trip Mobile.
Ben 10: Power Trip Mobile
Ben 10: Power Trip Mobile


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