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Bully Anniversary Edition Mobile

Bully Anniversary Edition Mobile is avaiable on Android & iOS. Do not wait, choose your software and Play Bully Anniversary Edition Mobile APK on your Android & iOS!

About Bully Anniversary Edition Mobile

Bully Anniversary Edition Mobile Version places Jimmy Hopkins, the players in a struggling teenager’s shoes who has been submerged in the worst boarding school of the world. BULLY: He easily sees the culture of bullying, often he pulls towels, and often sticks up for the little guy. Players select the activities in which they want to engage. But to do so you have to battle rivals who generally – but not always – begin the war and school officials who turn their focus an a bit blind on the confusion on campus. The aim is to rule the city.

Bully Anniversary Edition version contains both the original updates plus more lectures, missions, characters and more from Bully: Scholarship Edition. Bully: Anniversary Version now features physical controller support as also Apple Taptic Engine Support on iPhone 7 series smartphones and haptic vibration effects on Android, in addition to updated high-resolution graphics, enhanced illumination, textures, character models and controls redesigned for touch gaming.

Challenge your friends everywhere in new competition mode Buddy Competitions, featuring turn-to-turn contests from the different classrooms and challenges in the arcade style such as Consumo. Even each mini-game is refurbished in terms of touch control; see who can dissect frog in Biology the quickest, solve word dilemma, help a flying squirrel with acorns in Nut Shots to kill its foes and more.

More About the Game

Bully Anniversary Edition Mobile tells a Bullworth Academy Student’s story. His mother and his new husband are both struggling, and he is simply left to fend for himself. And you’re coming in that spot. Punching a kid with an amazing head shaven and authority problem, cheating, pulling and chasing you around the school life. The keys have been transferred very nicely to the touchscreen. You have a stick on the left and you have to look back to the right. There are some context-sensitive buttons in the right corner which allow you to select weapons.

The intrinsic flatness of the game means that you never think about looking up or down, and the auto-targeting system stops the most fiddling from happening. And that lets you get hold of the story’s meat. There’s also a huge school to visit, and you can get lost in the side-quests and things to discover in typical Rockstar fashion.

Bully: Anniversary Edition Android & iOS

In the re-mastered Xbox360 Scholarship Version, the Anniversary Edition may seem to have changed. Photos on my iPad Pro 9.7 (with an A9X chip running with an M9 co-processor) are obviously sharper compare Ipad spec here. You should consider reflecting this on a bigger screen if you have an Apple TV.

The main gameplay is like other Rockstar open world games, which requires constant sprinting and fast trips, so I am glad to report that frame rates are not slowed or decreased. Like a kid on roller skates, the game is smooth.

Bully Anniversary Edition Mobile is not in the same league as smartphone games from the outset. It is better to enjoy fair play time in one sitting with all plotting, cut scenes and goal. Played on a touchscreen certain open world games seem to be less fun over time. A major factor is the uncomfortability of keeping a tablet for a long time as a controller.


Bully Anniversary Edition Mobile is a marginally outstanding faction for Rockstar. While it has a special position in many minds, it does not have a comparable style of gravity, compared with a GTA and Red Dead appearance. Yet a fabulous diversion exists here. It is written elegantly, it has been very involved and displays the plume and spirit for which Rockstar was renowned. It’s a little tough around the edges of the globe, as you might expect from about this century, but the history of one of the first devs in the world is always interesting and remarkable.

The diversion reports an analysis at Bull’s important academy. He is now really sorry, dumped by his mother and her new wife, and so he is left to fend for himself in the most simple way. That’s the place you’re here too. Stroke, trickle, and follow the school life of a guy with a severe shaved head and an extraordinary power crisis.

The tests have moved very well on the touchscreen. You have a left hand stick and a look back. You have a right handle to look around. A few touchy catches are in the right corner of the hand and swipes encourage you to pick up your arms. The inherent level of the distraction ensures that you are never overwhelmed by turning up or down and that a self-focusing system takes a significant amount of the fiddling out.

A Fantastic Looking Game To Enjoy All Over Again

Bully Anniversary Edition Mobile gives the chance to witness one of the famous names of the franchise. Pick over Jimmy Hopkins’ persona and take a step up the social ladder of a classic American preparatory school. It is not easy to become a top-dog at Bullworth Academy with coaches, jocks, counties and bullies all seeking to discourage you.

Bully: Anniversary Edition Version contains gameplay and features of the original console-based game and gives you updated graphics and a New Touch-based control interface at Bullworth Academy. Many school mini games, such as English-language word games and the dissection of the frog in biology, are expected.

It is not always easy to keep on the right side of the staff. Sometimes, Prefects and bullies chase you. There are numerous social genres and hierarchies, which are characteristic of American high schools. New features are primarily online, in which friends in multiplayer mode may be challenged.


Bully Anniversary Edition Mobile draws both originals and newcomers. Enhanced quality graphics and a refined overall look of the game. A perfect gaming experience inside the American stereotype.

How to download & Play Bully Anniversary Edition Mobile

  • Download the game files from Apkrey.com
  • Install it in your required phones (Android/iOS).
  • Launch the game, Complete the Verification process by running apps/games for 30-40 seconds.
  • Re-Launch Bully Anniversary Edition Mobile.
Bully Anniversary Edition Mobile
Bully Anniversary Edition Mobile


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