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Chainsaw Dance Mobile

Chainsaw Dance Mobile is avaiable on Android and iOS. Do not wait, choose your software and play Chainsaw Dance Mobile apk on your phone!

About Chainsaw Dance Mobile

Chainsaw Dance Mobile is a music rhythm game based on the iconic manga series Chainsaw Man. Match as many of the notes coming from the bottom of the screen as you can, score points, and set a new high score to top it next time. Benedique’s this game.

Chainsaw Dance Mobile Game is a free music video game that allows you to play the classic arcade scene in Chainsaw Man, a hit comedy and horror manga. This 2D pixelated indie title, created by Benedique, offers a Dance Dance Revolution type of rhythm game mechanics. But the game is just a round and a song; it’s still in active progress and no cutscenes or even failing states actually exist.

Dance for the chainsaw

Chainsaw Man is a novel by Tatsuki Fujimoto published by Japanese action-horror manga in 2018. It tells the story of a young man called Denji who finally transforms into a demon killer, a monstrous human-devil hybrid of weapons’ chainsaws. The manga became famous with more than 6 million copies and in 2021 won the 66th Shogakukan Manga Award.

The Chainsaw Dance Mobile plot, though, is a little lighter in heart than the original content. You re-enact the DDR scene of Kobeni Higashiyama where she was obliged to dance with the risky main character on her date. You take care of the steps of Kobeni and attempt to strike any incoming arrow with the respective keys correctly on the keyboard. The best you get, unfortunately, is just a point and no CG for your victory.

That’s why this game is just a preview and includes just one tune. That also suggests, though, that you can’t lose or die and can still attempt to score. Just click D on the left, F on the bottom, J on the up and K on the right to dance. You can’t rebind them, but they can be mastered easily enough. You can select multipliers while maintaining a string of strong hits.


In general, Chainsaw Dance Mobile for the Chainsaw Man is a fun little fangame. It has no plot or even an art of winning, but it has a lot of promise and allows players to look at what they expect when it is over. You cannot re-bind controls to the keys you like. That is just too bad. However, this is a free game that you can play and even purchase the dancing sprites of the villain.

With Chainsaw Dance Mobile, you must shift in unison and execute dance moves in a synchronized manner with the musical tempo so that the guy with the chain saw capturing you will impress (or distract). Put your heroine dance into harmony with the music you are playing and scoring points each time you do the correct dance step by pressing on your keyboard. The guy just plays rock music with the chainsaw and is not easy to dance to it. If the introduction allows you to calmly warm up, it will be very difficult to dance synchronously on chorus or guitar solos as it will take constant attention.

Chainsaw Dance Mobile
Chainsaw Dance Mobile


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