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Days Gone Mobile is avaiable on Android and iOS. Do not wait, choose your software and play Days Gone Mobile Apk on your phone!

About Days Gone Mobile

Days Gone Mobile is a horror video game for global action adventure. It was developed and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment by SIE Bend Studio. This game was created using UE4(Unreal Engine 4). It is one of this year’s best game of survival horror. The determination and commitment of the developers can be felt only.

He starts off in the post-apocalyptic Oregon with one tracker, Deacon St. John, played by Sam Witwer. He seeks ways to survive with the shelter and upkeep demands along with Boozer who was his trustworthy mate.

Zombie-like freakers present various challenges in this game that you need to smartly combat. Freakers are only corrupted and contaminated individuals who try to attack you. Often you handle a couple of them but when they come to hordes they can still be a big challenge.

Days Gone Mobile Gameplay

It’s just two years after the worldwide pandemic, former fake driver Deacon St. John, in a post-apocalyptic Oregon. The main character finds out his wife Sarah is still alive. This takes you to see here the main character. Days Gone Mobile Downloading Gone apk is possible on APKREY here.

The third person view of the game is the player who can navigate an open world setting. Different handguns, equipment and improvised weaponry may be used by players. Stealth is used also to protect itself from other aggressive people and cannibalistic beings known as freakers. Deacon’s drifter bike is the main mode of transport used in the game.

The player can achieve goals in many ways, such as using sturdy or long-range weapons. A complex day/night weather pattern and period also feature that weakens and slows “Freakers,” but swift and heavy throughout the night. Deacon’s main motor vehicle is a motorcycle which, among other criteria, can be parts adjusted to improve speed, reliability or maneuverability.

The “mixed or average” ratings were received. While it got mediocre ratings, in the week of its release, Days Gone Mobile was the most selling physical game in the UK. For three straight weeks it was released in the best-selling apps in all format distribution list.

What does a player need to do in Days Gone APK?

You must defend yourself from different threats, as in any survival game. In Days Gone Android, Oregon, which is infested with many people, is a player. You’d ride across the main part of the game by a motorcycle.

This Deacon motorcycle can only be used by the player. Take care of your cycle and maintain your bike as soon as possible. You should clean out bandit camps and freak dens when attempting to construct your camps. Be aware that craftsmanship in Days Gone has a major part.


Days Gone Mobile sounds like a film that is an hour longer than or should have been required. It is muddy and disturbed, but peppered with truly exciting encounters with hordes of rampant zombies and firefighters. Somewhere in this game is sweet, but it’s buried in a meandering plot, boring quests and all the compulsory things to do without a look at the little information that might have given it a lot more character. A good tuning and editing may have taken the toe and praised the peculiar and fascinating feature of this game, but Days Gone strictly travels down the dirty highway and finds no rhythm at all.

The stiff protagonist

You are playing like Deacon St John, an angry, grumpy and angry biker gang in a zombie-infested Oregon. Two years earlier, Deacon (or Deek) had been divorced from his wife, who, he claims, was now dead before the Apocalypse. With his biker bro Boozer, Deacon’s life as a kind of bounty hunter is beginning to shift northward. Things don’t go that easily, of course.

Days Gone Mobile begins solid, narrative-wise. Deacon is an intriguing protagonist—after all, the post-apocalyptic legal climate seems suitable for Deacon.

Boozer is hurt early on and the motorcycle of Deacon is dismantled. Deacon, faced with no alternative to work with a camp of survivors, has to shy away from his lonely wolf instincts to get supplies. The morality of Deacon is further questioned by Iron Mike, the chief of another camp, who seeks reconciliation.

At least on the part of Deacon, this creates some fascinating development. He’s not as heartless as the landsque undead, and Deacon is true to his wife and companion in the very first cut-scene itself. Unfortunatly, Deacon is hardly able to catch these contrasting philosophies – and, by implication, the player.

Rinse and repeat

Here’s no question of the formula, just the implementation. For starters, freaker nest downgrades is repetitive and the medical control points for those critical status upgrades are tackled (Deacon even comments about how repetitive it is, which begs the question of why the developers never bothered to diversify it a bit). Apart from the impression that you have played some open world game, Days Gone Mobile is getting really far.

And, both games have a gameplay loop, making most games boring in their own right. The challenge is to fulfill the award – Days Gone apk is a poor factor. There is no plot justification for carrying out side quests, and sometimes you get bonus experience for upgrading your ability tree. It is because the game knows the need to survive, but it can’t explain why.


Days Gone Mobile plummet you into Deacon St. John’s dirty old bike boots, a former outlaw who does its utmost to keep rural Oregon overrun by a crop of zombies like freakers. This cannibalistic creatures just have the simplest and primordial instincts: they english every living thing for food. They’re no zombies, but at least they don’t do anything to do a decent deal of harm, in the conventional context.

Two years ago the rest of humans were freaks due to a debilitating epidemic. It’s not beautiful and as a result, humanity’s last bastion was pulled into the surviving camps that dotted the countryside.


Days Gone Mobile may easily have been another colorful zombie experience within the lines. And while the playbook also essentially follows a common collection of mechanics and design choices, it draws it all exceptionally well.

Her story will get you to finish all the searches to see which mysteries will be revealed next, the transition of the diacon can wait, and the freakers will hang you around.

While it definitely isn’t the most original plot, it’s a tale in which the team positions its hearts and souls simply. If you’re searching for a far more personalized view of a zombie apocalypse, Days Gone Mobile is a great place to go.

How to Download & Play Days Gone Mobile on Android APK & iOS

  • Download the game files from
  • Install it in your required phones (Android/iOS).
  • Launch the game, Complete the Verification process by running apps/games for 30-40 seconds.
  • Re-Launch Days Gone Mobile.
Days Gone Mobile
Days Gone Mobile


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