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Grounded Mobile

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Game Description

The planet is an immense, magnificent and dangerous place – especially if you are shrunk to the size of an insect. In this first person, cooperative, survival game, discover, create and live together. Will you prosper next to giant bug herds and struggle to escape the threats of the yard?
Explore the ever-growing world where your actions are influenced by the life of insects. Shelters and instruments are necessary for your survival. Build incredible structures to protect you and your objects from insects and forces. Guns, instruments and weapons to help you battle, discover and live better.

Gameplay Overview

Grounded Mobile is a survivors’ friend and family game that can be played alone or with other 3 teams, likely influenced by the movie “Honey I Shrunk the Children” From any dangerous yard you will FIGHT TO SURVIVE.
It’s an open-world game that involves thousands of tools. Insects and secrets. You’ll collect resources to make, build and cook things for a large part of the gameplay. With the same form, your success with study. Hunts or combat experiences would be better.

The game starts with a SHORT CHAIN OF STORY QUEST, which activates repeatables every day until it is completed. Yet note that the key goal is to understand how the world is to live and work for.
Unlike other Early Access titles, Grounded Mobile APK starts with several glitches and shortcomings. Some of them have workarounds and some of them only have to assume a repair.
One fact The more you know, the better the game becomes in other survival games. Early challenges, such as the search for food and water, are replaced with “How can I improve my base?”

Game Evaluation


In comparison to other survival games, the play has a Regular UI with no variation. The In-game selection is split according to sections, and the production list according to subcategories.
The HUD lets you pick and click on the character information, hot keys and 6 separate RADIAL buttons.


The narrative is Very Brief, it establishes the premise of the game and the goal is to grasp “why and when” of the backyard as plays unfold in future.
Nonetheless, rooted CORE GAMEPLAY is to live, discover and build. Full tale checks free ingredients. But mostly a bonus for a real survival in the backyard.


Grounded Mobile has all about it to create an immense culture. It has an open-plan artistic area and is renowned for its CONTINUOUS CONTENT Production.
The patches will start to introduce more stuff to the game and to chat about other items. There’s also a coop (still buggy) mode to play with friends and a free build creative mode.


Unlike other game reviews, because of previous presentation experience my mood started at EAGER and was not at Usual. After the demo and the game, big expectations were set. My mood was in EAGER and CAN’T STOP PLAYING IT during 25 hours of practice, which contributed to a final average EXCITED.

What I love about Grounded Mobile

Grounded Mobile was very rough on the map, but shortly after he launched on Steam and the Xbox Game Pass, he reached his following to gain over a million gamers in a few days and topped the Twitch streaming list. And knowing why is easy.

Grounded circumstances in the sector are absolutely underexplored. There are a handful of games where you are a, but typically they are part of a particular stage or case. Very little is really directed at Honey. I Shrunk the Kids nostalgia, but Grounded went all-in and clutched it absolutely.

You act as one of the four predefined teenagers, shrink unexplainedly down and relax in a backyard full of hungry insects and massive flora. Early exposure is just a few aspects of the larger narrative, here and there. Grounded should include a tale. Clearly, a kind of science project has gone bad and left you in an experience of risk. The yard is littered with unused research laboratories and bunkers. Some of which are shut out for potential patches of material. Here and there are also audio logs that provide a certain background. It is important to see the story of Obsidian, which definitely has a strong promise.

Finally , despite its scary night time bugs, Grounded Mobile APK does not scare you half to death, it soars like a truly beautiful sensory encounter. Grounded is a tribute of a tiny team of just hard work. Creativity and primitive enthusiasm, of spectacular Pixar designs, evocative songs and incredible lighting and water effects.

What I hope improves in Grounded Mobile

Grounded Mobile has a very broad range of rough edges. Some of the most disturbing ones are clipping problems. Bugs may and sometimes assault you through walls. In comparison, certain items in the universe tend to mess with the patching of parameters. Ovens and other bugs are sometimes caught in rocks and other natural features that have destroyed me more than once by “invisible” attackers. This is one region that I would strongly recommend for a patch. There are, indeed, even worse incidents.

One of the most annoying, and potentially damaging problems on Grounded Mobile is due to bugs in its systems of lighting and reflection. Sometimes in bright multicolored lights, the borders of the screen can flash by chance. This problem has been fixed in beta but returned to retail. It is at best annoying, and may potentially affect photosensitive epilepsy, although the game sure does not include influential alerts. You will want to stop the game at least if you have hallucinations of this sort, or stop bodies of water in the area, which is when the concern is the most often.

Should you play Grounded Mobile?

Grounded Mobile also requires a lot of development before it can reach any of the other top-shelf sandbox titles, but what Obsidian showed so far was amazing.

Grounded is an intriguing idea, which drips out in a whirlwind of nostalgia and provides a larger sandbox and more invertebrates for squishing. If you are half an inch tall, every earthly real-life environment is an exciting activity so it’s thrilling to talk of where Obsidian can take us.


Grounded Mobile has plenty to do with it. It is a genuinely creative atmosphere and some fantastic potential for the squad to perform in future on the “Obsidian foot” of their original proposal. Today, though, the material and quality of life criteria are somewhat limited. While I truly hope Grounded will grow into this truly special adventure, it still has a few yards to go.

How to Download & Play Grounded Mobile on iOS & Android

  • Download the game files from
  • Install it in your required phones (Android/iOS).
  • Launch the game, Complete the Verification process by running apps/games for 30-40 seconds.
  • Re-Launch Grounded Mobile APK.
Grounded Mobile APK
Grounded Mobile


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