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About HOLOCURE Mobile

HOLOCURE Mobile is largely influenced by Magic Survival and Vampire Survivors, and it includes Hololive’s vtuber talent. Make your own character by gathering strong weapons and stuff and experimenting with various combinations! Can you complete the game and achieve the top rankings despite the never-ending waves of enemies?

HoloCure, a fangame created by Hololive’s supporters, is inspired by fangames such as Vampire Survivors and Magic Survival. Hololive Vampire Survivors is an unauthorized Hololive game that includes Vampire Survivors.

What distinguishes this fan-made game from Hololive? Here’s what we discovered!

Hololive enthusiasts are playing HOLOCURE APK, the game produced by VTuber Hololive Fans, for the second time.

HOLOCURE, a fangame, has captured Hololive devotees. This game was built by Hololive fans and is inspired by Vampire Survivors and Magic Survival.

What are your thoughts on the game Vampire Survivors? Pekora, Ina, Botan, Fubuki, and other Hololive team members have played the poncle-created game.

Some Hololive enthusiasts have even built games based on vampire survivors with Hololive VTuber identities. You’ll encounter monsters, mascots, even VTubers Hololive themselves, each with their own set of allusions.

More About the Game

A fangame named HOLOCURE Mobile has enthralled VTuber Hololive devotees. Fans of Hololive created this game, which was inspired by Vampire Survivors and Magic Survival games.

What do you think of the game Vampire Survivors? VTubers from Hololive’s crew, including Pekora, Ina, Botan, Fubuki, and others, have played the game developed by poncle.

Furthermore, some Hololive enthusiasts have designed games centered on vampire survivors with a Hololive VTuber personality that can be employed with different abilities and upgrades. You will face a variety of opponents, including monsters, mascots, even VTubers Hololive themselves, each with their own unique allusions.


I have conflicting views about HOLOCURE Mobile – Vampire Survivors. In addition to being an exceptional game with no doubt, it is also a warning of a worsening trend in modern gaming. Vampire Survivors has been essentially discarded for my needs, as the new Hololive Mobile clone HoloCure apk delivers nearly everything it does, is a better product, and is free.

Rather of concealing its inspirations, HoloCure Android’s runner openly declares that it was inspired by Vampire Survivors and the eerily similar mobile game Magic Survival. It’s OK; this is how subgenres are born, and as long as a ” clone ” doesn’t just reskin the original without adding anything new, there’s nothing wrong with it.

HoloCure mobile has a variety of fascinating effects. In HoloMyth, the first generation of English-speaking Hololive VTubers, your objective is to combat suckers and phylacteries driven insane by an unspecified ” dark power.” A structured mode in which you must survive until you reach the ultimate master, then master it to “finish” the game, or a score attack “unlimited” mode with internet leaderboards. (Note: Due to an excessive amount of participants, the leaderboards have been temporarily suspended!)

Kay Yu, who previously worked on Mushoku Tensei, Boruto, Castlevania, and Sword Art Online, as well as cinematic robustness for Shantae and the Seven Enchantresses and sprite work for River City Girls, produced the HoloCure apk. Yu is readily able to generate a harmonic, clean, polished-feeling result as a professional who has done this as a hobby.

Here’s something you need to know about HoloCure

The playable characters in HoloCure mobile each have their own distinctive armament that corresponds to their character idea. Ninomae Ina’nis processes a tentacle in front of herself; Mori Calliope swings her scythe; Takanashi Kiara swings her brand; Gawr Gura pokes her with her javelin; and Amelia Watson, the HoloMyth crew’s most “mortal,” assaults with a dynamo.

However, the narrative does not finish there. As you level up your character in the HoloCure apk by beating opponents and receiving experience from their Hololive totems, you’ll be able to select from a variety of new munitions, chops, and particulars. Some of these enhancements are available to all characters, while others are exclusive to each.

As she races across the screen, Amelia can summon Bubba to attack arbitrary targets, but Gura can summon the Power of Atlantis to pull foes into a vortex. Each character may also improve and “awaken” their initial armament to become far more powerful than its basic form, usually altering its gesture in the process.

There are five playable characters to pick from, but there are also six more playable characters to unlock, taken from holoCouncil’s alternate generation of English Hololive VTubers, as well as IRS, who is part of her own sub-generation named ” Project Hope “. Hololive members from both the Japanese and Indonesian branches are scheduled to appear in game updates; Korone Inugami

HoloCure APK and VTuber culture

Coins may also be spent to increase all characters’ initial abilities and to unleash distinct special behavior for each character, in addition to the gacha. In other words, this is a text-based rogue-lite; the longer you play, the more significant your characters get, which should make the game simpler if you don’t make it to the finish.

The great thing about HoloCure mobile is that you don’t need to know anything about Hololive to enjoy it. However, the game’s prologue sequence gives a little piece of context, and from there, the playable characters are merely seen as lovely ladies with special talents. However, if you’re heavily entrenched in VTuber culture – and especially Hololive culture – the game is totally loaded with references.

In addition, the opponent designs are modeled on the phylacteries and suckers used by the colorful Hololive members. The fact that you are not thrust into all of these at once lends a feeling of development; you will begin by battling HoloMyth-inspired phylacteries, and it will be only later that you will meet Hakos Baelz’s army of rats and Ouro Kronii’s alarm clocks. As a consequence, the game’s effects stay intriguing and it does not grow boring.

Features of HOLOCURE APK

  • Play with 11 Hololive characters through Gacha (in-game currency only). 
  • Hololive’s 11 “HoloEN” members are included in this demo. Members of “HoloJP” and “HoloID” will also be added in future updates.
  • Every character has unique skills and special attacks
  • Discover dozens of different weapons and passive items
  • Eufrik created remixes of Hololive songs for this game
  • Mechanisms have hidden in plain sight
  • Defend yourself against classic Hololive characters and mascots
  • In a future update, controller support will be added.


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How to download & Play HOLOCURE Mobile

  • Download the game files from Apkrey.com
  • Install it in your required phones (Android/iOS).
  • Launch the game, Complete the Verification process by running apps/games for 30-40 seconds.
  • Re-Launch HOLOCURE Mobile.


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