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Raft Mobile

Raft Mobile Now is avaiable on Android and iOS. Do not wait, choose your software and Play Raft Mobile APK Android & iOS!

About Raft Mobile

Survive the hard way of life that is stuck in the middle of the ocean! Upon a barren island, you are not stranded, but worse, in the middle of the harbor! You ‘re battling! You battle! No society! No community! Just frozen saltwater and wild animals thirsty! To make the equipment usable, remove waste from the water. Build the post, hammer, rope and other supplies for constructing fresh supports, columns and shelters. Expand your raft and comfort your life. Through cooking food and absorption of fluids, secure your well being. Look out for the threats in the bay! The shark arrives to destroy the ship in particular! The game has a robust scripting system that is enjoyable for survival game enthusiasts.

FREE Game Features: — Collection — gathering all from the Ocean: tools, construction materials, fruit and so on — Crafting & Development — Expert crafts: products and households; flooring, flooring, columns and rafting, weapons, firearms, and much more! — food — take away your saltwater and prepare your meal! Hunting – seek hunting and other marine animals to prevent starvation! Research! — Forests — Palm trees and crops are cultivated! — Security – hold you secure at all times! — Marine 3D protective game – Escape or combat strong sea predators such as sharks! — A set of events — crafts, content choice, building, fisheries , forestry, restaurants, hawks fighting!

Raft Mobile Features

Raft Mobile a popular trend (like road games) when you play Google rafting or boat sports, but discovering a decent free raft game for Android & iOS is still very challenging.
But today, you don’t want to take your boat and be able to cope with the adventure in the water – strength and assault your adversary –, welcome to the ” Raft Mobile APK.’

Raft Mobile game is the perfect marine game to simulate your aquatic existence with whales, large , white whales, tiger sharks and life-threatening barrier such as fish, water and more:

  • Cooking – Cook your food and filter the salt water!
  • Fishing – Try to catch fish and other sea animals to not die out of hunger!
  • Farming – Grow vegetables and palm trees!
  • Survival – Keep yourself alive at all costs!

To stay in a simulator for raft survival, you must: farming, cooking, constructing and following a guide for survival, or resources for survival, practice cooking and handicraft, gather the supplies, hunting and farming in the center of the sea, but be vigilant to get the shark ready to fight.

You can now access the raft game guide for your trip if you want an immersive simulation experience on rafting, or a water rafting.

This is a simulator guide for the survival of raft but not an official one, so contact us if copyright is infringed.

Raft Game tips and tricks


Your greatest adversary are sharks and seagulls. The Spear is to stop the former. The Wooden Spear – Plank 8, Rope 3 – scares a four hits off a shark. Whereas, only two metal hits, including just 15, are needed to destroy a shark-Plank 6, Rope 2, Metal Ingot 2 and Bolt 1

A Arrow, Bow / Stone Spears or Scarecrow, which protects your crop plot, can kill seagulls.

Shape the Spear right after the line, sharks may attempt to wreck the vessel on a daily basis.


Still have ample money to create a new connection. Invest in constructing the warehouse as long as you have ample supplies.

How to make a boat in raft

  • Craft the Building Hammer – Plank 4, Rope 2. It allows adding different structures to your initial raft or fixing it.
  • Extend the height of the vessel by adding extra floors around the sides. A 4 Plank is charged for each extra-floor tile.
  • Once you have built an ongoing food supply, right click on your mouse and select from various structures, including ladders, wooden poles, doors, roofs and blankets, etc.
  • The 5×5/7×7 raft will be begun in order to install an extra floor later. The truth is that certain islands would have to have up to 3 floors to hit a precious gold.
  • Base Protection will be invested in as it improves every platform / collection net’s safety level. In fact, after causing 25 percent harm to the ship, it causes the sharks to leave. No spending, up to 87,5% of safety places may be recoberated, which is relatively economical

Raft original Game


Ignore plant selection – they take up so much warehouse room and fulfill just esthetic purposes. At first.

The Smelter

Oxygen bottles Craft tanks, flippers, shark lure, sand and clay acquisition. You will render bricks that are # 1 for the Smelter that will manufacture Glass, Vine Goo, etc.

Collect no sweat

Net Catalog captures and stores floating capital automatically. Build them at 2 angles.

Bird eggs

When constructing a bird nest, seagulls are converted into a nutritional supply (and partly water). Should not strike the local seagulls so that they may relax safely. Then you will pick three eggs a short time away-no cooking required. It is a endless supply of fruit, but first make sure you don’t function in the friendly system.

Bird meat

Firstly create a small crop area for the purpose of attracting seagulls. Their fried meat is much nutritiouser than the small crop plot of potatoes / beet that you can produce.


The Raft mobile apk is a treasure chest where you will discover some of the finest wealth. You would need to travel from the safety of your raft and into the dangerous waters in which hawks hunt to capture such items.

You will use shark coats to help the sharks fly, or you’re going to get a shark snack.

Hop into the water where you’ll see big bits of rubber, light artifacts on the islands where lumps. These are suggestions for some of the game’s best resources.

Use these resources to create and improve even better pieces. You will exploit these tools using your handy trigger. When you see the hook icon in such tools, the harvest cycle begins by pressing and keeping.

How to Download & Play Raft on Android & iOS

  • Download the game files from Apkrey.com
  • Install it in your required phones (Android/iOS).
  • Launch the game, Complete the Verification process by running apps/games for 30-40 seconds.
  • Re-Launch Raft Mobile.
Raft Mobile
Raft Mobile


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