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Raji: An Ancient Epic Mobile

Raji: An Ancient Epic Mobile is avaiable on Android & iOS. Do not wait, choose your software and Play Raji: An Ancient Epic Mobile APK on your Android & iOS!

About Raji: An Ancient Epic Mobile

Raji: An Ancient Epic Mobile is a simulation of action adventure in old India. Survive the devilish attack like Raji, the agile, teenage street performer who uses God’s blessings to free mystical powers and save her little brother, abducted by evil forces.

The Raji an Ancient Epic is an adventure game with Indian Culture as its influence. Is Raji now available for players an Ancient Epic Download of Android? Well, players can find out the exact Raji knowledge from this article on Ancient Android Epic Download. What’s Ancient Epic like to download Raji? Raji an Ancient Legendary Update is on Steam, Epic, PS4, etc. On platforms. So hurry up and know the old gameplay Raji here.

More About The Game

Raji: An Ancient Epic Mobile is the first game. This is Nodding Heads’ very first title, set in India and profoundly rooted in Hindu mythology and Indian history, which illustrates a culture which has long been criminally under-explored in popular video games. The game is noteworthy for its fascinating presentation and connections to Hindu characters and events. But otherwise, with its very short length, ageing mechanics and manipulative resolution, this action-adventure falls short of its potential.

Ultimately, it is the feeling of playing a legend right outside the puranas, but not even as long or impactful, that is most noteworthy about Raji. This may not be a masterpiece of mythology, but Raji: an old epic feels like a prelude to Nodding Heads and maybe to a wider Indian game formed scene.

Raji: An Ancient Epic Mobile is also a remarkably short game, with a total length of less than 5 hours. Of course, this is not a bad thing, but it sounds a little hurried and undervalued by the overall structure of the game. The sudden and unsatisfactory conclusion really drives this feeling home. The game ends with a cliffhanger that leaves every aspect of the plot in question without spoiling anything. It disadvantages the charming, fabulous storyline of the game, which is really paceful and exciting all the time.

Raji an Ancient Epic Download Android & iOS

A slashe action-adventure game set in an Indian folklore / mythological setting, Raji’s an Ancient Epic download. A mighty demon like Raji: An Ancient Epic Mobile, who granted a Gods mission to his young girl must fight against monsters to save your brother from Mahabalasura. This article could be read by players looking for the ancient epic Raji download Android. We can see that Raji an ancient epic for the following platforms is also available on the website of Raj√≠ an an old game official.


A modern war between demons and gods is being fought by Raji: An Ancient Epic Mobile. In the last great war a thousand years ago, demons defied the gods who humbled them and invaded humanity and threatened them with annihilation, hoping to vengeate their failure. In the last great war thousand years before, people collapsed into a fallout of stability and forgave alchemy ways, thus loving prosperity, believing that their enemies were utterly vanquished.

Towns and fortifications which were incapable of protecting themselves collapsed and left human beings at the hands of demons. Amid the chaos, the gods have selected a young girl called Raji as the supreme guardian of humanity by destroying cities and fortifications and stealing little children from their homes.

However, the overall gameplay is not flawless. The pattern of the action is that Raji: An Ancient Epic Mobile would follow a reasonably linear path, and as foes rain down on her, she is closed in by unseen forces. The only option is to defeat all the enemies which appear in the ring, but some fun ways are possible for them to be dispatched: spring into a pillar and you can take it to blast all the monsters into a certain Raji radius. Giving an enemy enough agony, and you will get the chance to make a final step that will cure Raji. Often you are overwhelmed, though, and you have multiple enemies shots before you can do anything about it physically, so the power doesn’t feel right as it should be.

Sunny, sandy sight-seeing

Take a 4-hour express trip fare to some of the prettiest and most dangerous hot areas in ancient India. Listen along the way as Vishnu and Durga share your journey themselves and give you an insight into famous legends. As the keeper of the Raji, it was easy to settle on this epic trip. In the middle of a demon-invasion led by Mahabalasura, a powerful Mystic, she and her brother Golu are present. After Golu was stolen, Raji took on the role of the selected hero. Whom the gods charged with destroying the hordes of the demons.

In spite of the gravity, Raji: An Ancient Epic Mobile is just an excuse for giving you spectacular views. Hindu lore plays a big part in the experience, but discovery and battle are at the core of the game. Raji is met with a multiple level of slaying force, weapons and demons at various locations. You are soon accustomed to the pace of crossing, combat, puzzles and bossing at any level. It was a completely easy game; as you cross the environment, you soon become aware of the difficulty of the character controller.

Brawn over brains

Raji: An Ancient Epic Mobile, boring battle portion of An Ancient Epic’s less flattering part. It’s never apparent when a struggle is on the brink of breaking up, but if you’re left bare, the odds are reasonably good. With war, Raji ‘s continuously increasing arsenal is added ever further. From a light combination to a loud, gap-resistant combo, poles, wall hits, alternative capabilities, executions, kicks, an AoE extra. there’s everything. If this is not enough, Raji will trade four weapons for brand new gestures and effects with three different components.

With its diverse ingredient list, you would think it is a formula for success, but Raji: a battle between ancient Epes just isn’t fun. In spite of the many resources, puddle-deep tactics and cumbersome controls are what the experience has pulled down.


Raji: An Ancient Epic Mobile, is a powerful debut for the head games in Nodding. So it’s just a shame that it doesn’t matter. It has a respectful understanding of Hindu and Balinese myths, one which has a powerful plot hook which makes Raji a personal gaming adventure. Although there are some unlucky technical problems. We still suggest you take this trip, particularly if you are a fan of that genre.

How to Download Raji: An Ancient Epic Mobile For Android & iOS

  • Download the game files from Apkrey.com
  • Install it in your required phones (Android/iOS).
  • Launch the game, Complete the Verification process by running apps/games for 30-40 seconds.
  • Re-Launch Raji: An Ancient Epic Mobile.
Raji: An Ancient Epic Mobile
Raji: An Ancient Epic Mobile


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