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Secret Neighbor MOBILE

Secret Neighbor MOBILE Now is avaiable on Android and iOS. Do not wait, choose your software and Secret Neighbor MOBILE APK Android & iOS!

About Secret Neighbor

Secret Neighbor is one of Russian video game studio Dynamic Pixels, that was developed and released by tinyBuild for survival horror. The goal of the game is to reach the neighbor’s basement to discover a key. The artificial intelligence of the game modifies neighbor ‘s behaviour on the basis of previous acts by the player. Such as setting traps in the previous attempt by the player.

In Secret Neighbor, the player is moving from a strange neighbor who acts in a paranoia and seems to keep a secret in her basement into a new house across the street. The player ‘s task is to get into the house of the neighbor and to solve a series of puzzles to open and enter the cellar. As the player enters the house of the friend, the unknown stranger must not be seen, or pursued, or caught if the player is not fast enough to cover or flee. The player will even confuse his neighbour by tossing things at him to make his escape simpler.

More About The Game

If the player is captured, he or she is sent back and breaks into his or her house. When the player begins again, he needs to be more vigilant as he deduces the actions from the previous effort to set up traps. The player may however, use the configuration of the game to trigger the neighbor’s pleasant mode, discourage the neighbor from creating such traps and making him less hostile. A player must aim at certain things in order to interact with them or throw or use an item that is currently being held, and in a first person perspective. Within warehouse room, up to four things may be stored. Articles of the same sort can not be stacked in one slot together.

Secret Neighbor MOBILE

A kid named Nicky Roth plays on the street as he sees a yell from the house of his friend. Nicky went to see the neighbor evidently locking a human in his basement and seeing that. Nicky creeps into the house of his neighbour, discovers the basement key and heads home. The neighbor converted the basement into an abandoned subterranean jail, but found no trace of any inmate.

And then Nicky crashes into, and is caught, Mr. Peterson, the landlord. Nicky ends up and is shut up in the basement cellar of the landlord He exits his jail and hits the surface, but points out that a huge barrier has been built around his house to discourage exits. Nicky must find a way to flee from the neighbor ‘s land in order to solve some puzzles. He flees back to his house after he clears the barrier, even though Mr. Peterson doesn’t pursue it.


Nicky wakes up in his bedroom, becoming a grown-up person. He has been removed from his house, and he wants to return home back to his former neighborhood. He sees his former house, although the house of the neighbor is just a bunch of ashes, too. Nicky is pursued by a mysterious, silent beast while investigating the remains, and returns to his home to sleep. He immediately gets startled with a child’s cries and learns that the house in his neighbor is back, except it is bigger and more complicated. Nicky sails the home and has strange encounters, including having to slim down and double leaping and attempting to turn on the far-flung sun.

Play the Secret Neighbor on your iPhone or Android device!

For a horror game, which mixes daring development with teamwork, you want to try yourself, then Secret Neighbor is the best choice to make. This is a wonderful game created by the same Hello Neighbor Dynamic Pixels man. This time the play was changed and all the glitches and difficulties were gone. We therefore receive a rather enjoyable horror-action product which, thanks to cartoon-like and pleasant visuals, differs from rivals.

Hidden Neighbor is like Hello Neighbor’s extension and final update. This implies that we should behave like a individual who has just relocated to the suburbs. There, we noticed our incumbent neighbor’s suspicious behavior. Obviously, here there are major improvements. In Secret Neighbor, our aim is to rescue our friend who is kept in the basement by the landlord, unlike what we got earlier. It is worth mentioning that we can personalize and play one of the different babies.

Why you should play it

Your aim is to reach the basement of the neighbor. You must work together and cautiously search the house to locate the keys to open the cellars door. It is best to stay together, as it will quickly make you exposed to the neighbor to break up or alone. Make sure that your inventory still contains an object. And you will surprise him by tossing things to the neighbor if the neighbor hits one of your co-workers. The crow marks the last key needed to unlock the cellar lock. When the neighbor takes the crow, then another crow would come with that crow.

There are 6 separate groups to select from which to begin with the Easter Update. Increasing class has a potential to leverage for your benefit: the speeds of all surrounding players are Leader-Buffs. Useful whenever the friends are threatened by the landlord. Brave-Can break the grasp of his friend, who astonishes him. Create Products Inventor-Can include cogwheels. We already learn that Flashlights need 2 cogwheels and a Toy Gun needs 5 cogwheels are products that can be made so far. Scout will gather nuts from his slingshot to shoot. The nuts are scattered over the building so the Neighbor will slow down, but they can’t amaze him. Detective-Has a image of a position with a ring.

How to Download Secret Neighbor MOBILE Android & iOS:

  • Download the game files from
  • Install it in your required phones (Android/iOS).
  • Launch the game, Complete the Verification process by running apps/games for 30-40 seconds.
  • Re-Launch Secret Neighbor MOBILE.
Secret Neighbor MOBILE
Secret Neighbor MOBILE


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